In addition to well-known musicians, two supermodels Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid also attended the MTV 2019 VMA. The Hadid Sisters look so compact when entering the red carpet area.

Hasil gambar untuk Compact Style Hadid Sisters with Nude Shades on the 2019 MTV Red Carpet VMA

Not with a big and festive dress, Hadid Sisters actually chose to wear casual clothing nuanced nude. Shows the sleek silhouettes of both models. Both appearances also give a challenging appearance with a bold choice of modes.

Bella Hadid comes in a midi dress that matches the size that shows the muscular silhouette in her stomach. Equipped with rings, bracelets, gold earrings, and transparent heels, giving the impression that is quite eccentric on the appearance of Bella Hadid. He styling his hair in a gentle ponytail style, showing a firm line on Bella’s jaw.

While the Gigi Hadid outfit from Tom Ford almost displayed a silhouette that was the opposite of Bella’s appearance. Instead of wearing a bodycon dress, Gigi Hadid chose a boned corset tucked into thin trousers and pointed shoes.

Gold plated chain necklace gives extra sparkle to Gigi Hadid’s look. Tooth hair is only limited by messy hair style. Gives a beautiful rebel impression on its appearance.