No one predicted the global health crisis that is rocking 2020. Most designers are working on cozy 2020 fashion trends you can comfortably rock from the comfort of your home. If you are ready to add to your closet, then get ready to be inspired by the best fashion styles from the fashion capitals. Regardless of your fashion style and taste, here are some of the coolest fashion trends you can don according to Popjulia clothing reviews, while self quarantining. 

  • Tangerine

The New York Fashion Week was awash with tangerine as models hit the runway with a cool collection of casualwear, like sweaters and shorts in vibrant colors. Designers are looking to bring orange back as the new orange, by using the cheery citrus shade back to the shelves. If your fashion diet needs a bit of Vitamin C, then get ready for fancy dresses and ruffled tops to be swept by the orange set.

  • Rose Prints

Spring wouldn’t be spring without honoring nature with floral designs. Designers have decided to honor 202 with major innovation with prints.  Receiving a bouquet of flowers is meant to make you feel well, and designers are bringing incredibly elegant spring collections spotting roses.

2020 Fashion Trends Based Off of the Runway—and Ways to Shop Them ...

  • Disco collars

Whoever thought disco was dead, think again! The spring 2020 runway saw the much favored Studio 54 wide collar make a surprise comeback. Designers went all out by modernizing jackets, coats, and button-downs. Contrasting colors were used to make them stand out. In 2020 expect to see more of the disco collars.

  • Cellophane Fabrics

2020 hasn’t been treating us normally so, don’t expect designers to do that either. Unlike before, where sequins were used to make fashion statements, designers are opting for the shinier cellophane-esque fabrics. Get ready to look modern, and at the same time dazzle, and catch the eyes of everyone.

  • Crochet

Who knew in 2020 would see the crafty side of life shine. From bikinis to knit dresses, Crotchets have definitely made a fashion statement in 2020. If your fashion style is more of a not so cold, not so hot spring days, then crotchets will be a cool addition to your collection.

Although not all outfits showcased in the fashion runways of New York, Milan, Paris, and London will make their way to the fashion high streets expect to see some elements of these colors, ideas, patterns, and material to be infused by fashion designers on the clothes that will be retailing in online markets and fashion stores.