What Do You Know About Catering

How to Work with a Caterer for a Great Event

Creating a positive guest experience isn’t necessarily tantamount to losing sleep due to concerns about details and logistics. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a corporate or personal event – you can pull off a successful event if you’re smart about it. Bring in a caterer and make sure it’s someone you can actually work with!

Setting a Budget

First things first, you need to know how much you are planning to spend. Don’t forget to consider staffing, decor, rentals as you outline your probable costs.

Getting Familiar with the Venue

Venues in big cities often provide in-house catering and it can be hard to bend the rules. an independent caterer. In-house means the cost of your menu will likely be lower. However, using an external caterer will give you the freedom to create your own menu and even the food design. In short, knowing your potential venue’s guidelines from the get-go can save you precious time and help guide you in making catering-related decisions.

Defining Guest Experience

Take a moment to envision the experience that you want for your guests. This will have a lot to do with the message you want to impart and, of course, the guests themselves. Do you want your guests to come together through an interactive feature, such as a shot station? Is your goal to entice potential clients? Incorporating your company logo in your food aesthetics is a great way to create an impact on your guests. And take note that a well-chosen caterer will help you impress everyone.

Food Branding

Yes, food can represent your brand as well. Be ready to talk about food inspirations and how you want to be remembered by your guests following your event. After all, food is never merely an accessory to an event – in fact, it’s quite a favorite subject for everyone. If you would like to cause a media buzz from this occasion, standout culinary presentation is an easy way to do it, especially across social media.

Streamlining the Process

Vision boards made up of images will be incredibly helpful in giving your caterer a clearer picture of your desired tone for your event. Of course, you can discuss it verbally with the caterer, but your message will surely be clearer with the help of visual stimuli. Include as many images as you can. The more your caterer knows, the more they can innovate even prior to the actual event.

It’s obvious how choosing the right caterer can affect how your event turns out in the end, so make it a point to pick the right one.

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