4 Rules of Hijab for Big Body

For some women, dealing with fashion can be difficult, and it may be even more difficult if you are big and wear a headscarf. As you know, hijab fashion has more settings than its non-hijab counterpart. In addition to the requirement of cover, hijab clothing should not accentuate the shape of the body, which makes it even more complicated for plus sizes. In an effort to meet these requirements while keeping up with the current fashion, it is easy to make fashion faux pas.

Instagram celebrity Intan Kemala Sari has gone down that path and she has found her own formula for staying stylish without compromising on the hijab dress code. Luckily for us, Intan was willing to share her two cents to tackle the “big size” hijab fashion. “I am a simple girl when it comes to fashion. I personally don’t like blouses or dresses with complicated accents, such as pleats and curtains because of course they will make me look bigger,” said Intan, quoted from Brilio.

4 Rules of Hijab for Big Body

  • In choosing a robe or maxi dress

Intan had a hard time choosing a robe, but now she knows the trick to not make you look bigger or shorter. “First, choose a maxi dress or a simple cut with an H-line or A-line. You don’t need those extra folds and curtains. Besides black, you can also choose navy, denim, dark gray or other dark colors to create the impression of a smaller figure,” he said.

Intan also suggests paying more attention to patterns. Avoid bulky patterns, horizontal stripes or full intricate patterns throughout the dress. Choose a dress with a smaller pattern, or one with a slight pattern for accent. He suggests a stretchy dress to keep you comfortable during the move. When wearing a gamis or maxi dress, she also emphasized the importance of wearing leggings or panties to avoid blisters on the inner thighs due to continuous skin-to-skin friction.

“For formal events such as weddings, if I want to wear a maxi dress, I usually prefer one made of fine brocade, and avoid heavy embroidery. The key is to keep it simple and flowy, so it will give the impression of a longer torso,” said Intan. “The choice of shoes to be paired with a maxi dress is also important. You can wear wedges if you like, but personally, I prefer platform shoes with flat, thick soles.”

  • In choosing blouses and tunics

“As I said, I recommend avoiding blouses with overlapping curtains, pleats or elaborate designs . Indeed, choosing the right blouse is easier than choosing a maxi dress. The choice depends on your height. So if you’re fat and short like me, avoid layers forever,” she says. Intan recommends a blouse with a simple cut, which is not too tight and not too loose. A blouse that is tight will look bad, while a blouse that is too loose will make you look bigger.

“If you have an oversized blouse or tunic, you can make it work by adding a small belt around the waist,” she advises. He also suggests choosing an A-line blouse with a length that reaches the buttocks or thighs to cover unnecessary curves.

In terms of colors and motifs, the rules are the same as those that apply to maxi dresses. “I personally don’t like bright and flashy colors. I used to play with black, white, gray, tosca or pastel colors,” he said.

  • In choosing pants and skirts

Looking through Instagram @kemalasari , Intan always seems to pair leggings or skinny jeans with a long blouse or tunic, playing the fit-and-flare rule of thumb. As for loose skirts and pants like culottes or palazzos, she often combines them with a shorter blouse or jacket.

  • In choosing hijab

In addition to the style, color, and shape of the blouse or dress, Intan also emphasizes the importance of combining the colors and patterns of the hijab with other clothing. “You may want to avoid wearing a patterned hijab with a patterned blouse. If you have chosen a patterned blouse or robe, try plain hijab,” he added. In addition to every tip and trick, Intan also has a more important message: “No need to dress like a fashion icon if it doesn’t fit, no need to follow current fashion trends if you don’t feel comfortable with it. One thing to remember, be who you are.”