The fashion world is always spinning. I am also a lover of various fashion trends. However, the most difficult fashion trends to forget are fashion trends in the style of the 90s. In addition to a more relaxed and colorful style, this style is also easy to integrate and a simpler style. Well, for you lovers of 90s style, here are some fashion items that you must have.

1. Jeans jacket

Yes, don’t throw away your old jeans jacket because you will continue to use this jacket. One of the fashion items that most shows the style of the 90s is jeans. You can combine it with a dress or skirt to make it look more stylish.

2. Overalls pants

I like this overalls most, which won’t take time. Overall pants or also called frog pants you can use to go to casual or formal events. Just mix it with a blazer or shirt so your style looks neater.

3. Cropped top

The reappearance of the trend of the 90s was marked by cropped top. You can combine it with high waist jeans or mom jeans to make your appearance look more charming.

4. Hair clips

Now, this is one of the easiest ways to make your style look more charming. Do not hesitate to decorate your hair with a variety of hair clips.

5. Hoops earrings

Remember the big round earrings that Jennifer Lopez often uses? Well, accessories that have been trending in the 90s can now be the perfect item statement for your everyday style.