Every body shape has its plus and minus sides respectively. For the owner of a thin body, having small legs and waist can be a pride, but there are also times when the owner of a thin body feels less curved and volume. To give the impression of a more contained and accentuating a slender body silhouette, the following types of clothing and materials can be considered to enter your wardrobe. C’mon, see what kind!

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  1. Choose a lightweight material if you want to accentuate the silhouette
    Celebrate your body’s firm silhouette by wearing oversized light clothing such as a low-cut blouse blouse or shirt with a few buttons left open like this. Match with denim and wear a necklace. Effortlessly sexy!
  2. Use horizontal motifs to add ‘volume’ to the body
    Wearing clothes with transverse motifs should be avoided by large body owners, because it will increase body volume. Conversely, horizontal stripes suitable for the owner of a thin body to make it look fuller.
  3. Wear a peplum skirt or dress to give curves
    Peplum blouses and dress models help the wearer to accentuate curves, as well as feminine ruffle or drappery details. Owners of thin bodies can also use it to form a silhouette around the waist and hips.
  4. Choose a light color
    Dark colors give the impression of a smaller body size, therefore the owner of a thin body should avoid the dark color so it does not look thinner.
  5. Use layering techniques to make it appear fuller
    Layering or wearing several clothes at once can also give a fuller body effect. No need to pile up a lot of clothes, just coat a feminine lacy dress with outer output like a jeans jacket. Another more casual way, stack a shirt over a sweater and jeans.

You own a thin body too? What more tricks are relied upon to be more confident with a stylish appearance.