Fashion is not just about wearing the trendiest clothes or brands. It’s actually about how you wear clothes and how you choose the right clothes for your body type, personality, and style. So, below are some of the best designer tips of all time, which will certainly be valid not only today, in the coming months, but also over 50 years from now.

To look beautiful and sexy, you need to know how to display, step by step, every piece in your wardrobe, according to BritainReviews.

Learn how to be sexy and show your skin strategically!

If we read reviews about dating websites, we will find out that sexy does not mean showing your body parts as much as possible, but exposing parts of your skin strategically. Don’t be vulgar. Sexy is not about flaunting as much leather as possible and leaving no room for imagination at all.

 This is the opposite of what is sexy and should be avoided as much as possible.

Instead, it is best to choose one and only one part of the body to be highlighted and exposed with more skin insight, while the rest of the body remains covered. For example, if your legs are exposed by a short dress, make sure your shoulders, arms, or breasts are covered.

Match the colors smartly!

When it comes to colors, most people who wear designer clothes have their wardrobe full of clothes in neutral colors such as black, white, gray, and navy blue.

And to make an outfit in neutral tones stand out, you have to accessorize it in colors with personality. Here you should include and buy brightly colored or cheerful and colorful handbags, shoes, and belts in shades like green-hunter, pink, yellow, red, etc.

If you are braver, do not hesitate to match a neutral-colored outfit with a handbag and shoes that are completely different in shades, but complementary.

The element of surprise in your outfit

Then, when composing an entire outfit, be sure to add an element of surprise that creates contrast. Examples of such successful pieces include an oversized choker with a plain white T-shirt, a biker-like leather jacket with a more formal dress, a contrasting colored strap on a simple dress, and so on.

Don’t buy outfits for a single occasion

You have at least a few dresses in your dressing room that you only wore to a wedding, don’t you? We are always tempted to do this when we have an important event. We buy an extravagant outfit that we wear only once. The solution? Try to have in your wardrobe a few pieces of resistance that you can easily combine and create different outfits. This category also includes:

  • the black dress
  • maxi wood
  • lace top

Accessorized differently, you will have some perfect looks for occasions.

Try to discover new brands

We often attach ourselves to certain brands and we tend to buy the same products, with very small differences, from one collection to another. This makes your wardrobe not very varied, and the style suffers. Try to discover new brands, maybe even local designers who are in the process of asserting themselves. You will thus have more special garments, at affordable prices.


These tips will help you have a stylish wardrobe and keep up with fashion. Remember, it is important to wear all the pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and combine them as much as possible, to create different looks. If you forget certain clothes, you will be tempted to buy more and more clothes. Focus on classic, quality pieces that can be easily combined, and on a few accessories that reflect your style. This way you will stand out.