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Having a small bathroom apparently doesn’t need to be too complicated to make it happen. You just need to prepare a few things that are actually very basic and easy to do in your small bathroom.

Doing the arrangement and a few simple decorations can make a small bathroom that was originally ordinary become more attractive and of course minimalist. You can do it too and the dream of having a small bathroom is not a difficult thing.

Having a house that is not too big sometimes causes space limitations to make it a comfortable and attractive place. But apparently, this is no longer an excuse.

There are various creative ways to arrange a room at home to make it more comfortable, neat, and attractive. Likewise with the bathroom, now you can make a small bathroom and look more minimalist.

For those of you who are curious about what to do to make a small bathroom more minimalist and attractive, let’s look at some of the things you need to arrange in your small minimalist bathroom to make it more charming, clean, and comfortable, of course.

Try placing the sink in the corner

Placing the sink in the corner of the room can make your small minimalist bathroom tidier and save more space than placing it in the middle.

The bathroom sink that is placed in the corner of the room can make the space wider and you use it for other things.

In addition, the shape of the sink that is placed in the corner of the room also looks more unique and minimalist so it is very suitable to support the appearance of the small, minimalist bathroom that you create.

No need to have to use a large and luxurious sink. Using a small sink but matching the bathroom concept can also be an option.

Give an Attractive Shower Curtain

To make a simple small bathroom cooler and more contemporary, you can replace the shower glass divider with a curtain that has an attractive color and pattern.

Using a beautiful shower curtain 84 x 72 in the bathroom certainly saves more space in the bathroom than using a glass divider.

In addition, this shower curtain can also be removed and cleaned easily. Or if you want to replace the curtain with another motif, it is also very possible to do it at any time because removing it is also easy.

Choose a shower curtain that is suitable and of good quality so that your minimalist small bathroom looks more modern.

Use a wide mirror or a unique shape

Try using a mirror whose shape is thin and has a modern style, such as a circle, a square with a motif on each end, to a regular rectangular shape but large in size.

Choosing the right shape and size of the mirror in a small minimalist bathroom can make the bathroom look more luxurious and modern even though it is small in size.

You don’t have to have an expensive mirror, you can also use an affordable mirror, the important thing is that it fits and matches the bathroom concept, and also the size fits the small bathroom in your house.

Use a Stainless Shower

The shower you use can also affect the appearance of your minimalist small bathroom. Use a shower that is wide and attached to the wall to give a stylish and elegant impression.

But if you like a detachable shower, just use a shower like that but still choose a stainless shower.

The stainless shower is neutral in color and can make a small minimalist bathroom look neat, modern, and charming instead of using a colorful plastic shower.

Give Racks and Towel Hangers

In addition, also pay attention to whether your minimalist small bathroom has a suitable and sufficient towel hanger.

In order to better support the minimalist concept in the bathroom in your home, you can try using a hotel-style elongated towel hanger so that your towels can be placed wider. In addition to looking more modern, towel hangers like that also make your towels dry quickly, right?

So, those are the things about arranging a small bathroom to make it look cooler, charming, and modern.