types of boots

Boots are suitable for any activity, both indoors and outdoors.

In the world of fashion shoes have many kinds, one of which is boots. Boots are footwear that covers all parts of the foot from the toe, heel, to the ankle. These shoes are suitable for any activity, both indoors and outdoors.

In ancient times, boots were usually made of leather and rubber. Meanwhile, today’s boots are made of more varied materials and have various types, such as the following.

Types of Boots:

1. Chukka Boots

The shape is somewhat similar to Chelsea Boots, but these Chukka Boots are equipped with two or three eyelets and usually these boots are made of leather. The main characteristic of this type of shoe is the height that reaches and covers the ankle. Chukka Boots currently come in many unusual colors.

There are also those who deliberately have eyelets, straps, and soles with contrasting colors. The more contrast and color, the more casual it is, and vice versa. When the color is neutral, it will look more formal. This type of boots is very suitable to be combined with an Oxford shirt and jeans with a straight cut.

2. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots come with an ankle height and usually have side rubber. If not, some models of chelsea boots are equipped with zippers. In terms of materials, you can choose chelsea boots from leather, suede to velvet. This type of boots has a simple model. It’s no wonder that many people use chelsea boots as their everyday shoes.

3. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are one type of women’s boots that are quite a lot of boots fans have. As the name implies, ankle boots have a shoe limit to the ankles. The simple shape makes the boots suitable for use in all situations.

However, even though boots are suitable for all times, you have to be careful when mixing and matching them with your clothes. Because not all outfits will match with ankle boots. You can mix and match ankle boots with leggings or with an oversized shirt for a relaxed look. For a slightly formal look, you can mix and match by wearing a blazer and jeans.

4. Cowboy Boots

The next type of boot is cowboy boots. Cowboy Boots are boots that are commonly used by cowboys in horseback riding that make it easy to find a foothold in the horse’s saddle. The height of these boots is at least around the calf, not strappy and has a heel of about 2 inches. Men’s boots of this model will be very fitting to be combined with a shirt or sporty jacket with jeans.

5. Sock boots

The hallmark of sock boots is the circumference of the shoe that fits the foot. Sock boots themselves come with thick heels, but you can also find kitten heels with heels under five centimeters. These boots will look beautiful when combined with a short skirt or midi dress.