6 Models of South Korean School Uniforms with Attractive Designs, Very Fashionable, Here Moms!

Moms who love South Korean dramas of the romantic and teenagers genre, are certainly no stranger to the scene of artists wearing South Korean school uniforms. Call it the drama True Beauty, Moon Ga Young’s appearance in the uniform makes this girl really look like a high school student.

Other dramas that also feature the use of school uniforms include Extraordinary You. The appearance of Kim Hye Yeon and Rawoon in these cute outfits in every episode has attracted the attention of many viewers.

Likewise with K-pop, which often raises the appearance of South Korean school uniforms. Boy bands or girl bands who appear wearing these clothes during live music or in a video clip, are not strange and new.

Remember the music video for BTS’ song Boy In Luv? Appearing like bad boys in high school, these BTS members also wore their country’s school uniforms. Likewise with other boy bands such as ASTRO, SEVENTEEN, TXT, and also EXO. They are a line of idols who bring these clothes so that the whole world can see them.

As for girl bands, the names Red Velvet, ITZY, and TWICE also took part in the effort to popularize South Korean school uniforms. After all, these clothes are an important part of the culture that is displayed in the South Korean entertainment world, especially K-pop. Come on, see the various unique and interesting uniform models!

South Korean School Uniforms Shown by K-Pop Idols

The popularity of South Korean school uniforms worn by K-pop artists has become a phenomenon in itself. Why is the K-pop industry so obsessed with these uniforms?

Quoted from Issuu.com, one of the simplest answers to this question is the fact that K-pop is music enjoyed by young people. Because of this, school uniforms are a unique symbol of youth and wearing uniforms allows artists to connect with a large audience who are school students.

A 2018 Reddit survey found that 73% of K-pop fans are between the ages of 13 – 24. In fact, many K-pop idols themselves are still in school. Just look at JYP’s Yuna from Itzy, who debuted at the age of 15 or SHINEE’s Taemin who debuted at the age of 13.

However, that cannot be the only reason. The genre of pop music around the world is loved by young people, but not every country is full of singers who wear shirts and knee-length socks or the uniforms that KPOP idols usually wear.

Another answer may be that South Korea is a country obsessed with education. Around 70% of Koreans, aged between 25 – 34 years, apparently have received postgraduate education. This makes the country one of the tallest in the world.

In addition, K-pop idols also wear these clothes to look attractive, cute, and sometimes sexy. However, these idols don’t just wear the uniform as a fashion appearance. They are often asked to advertise South Korean school uniforms that school students actually wear.

Students buy their own uniforms from stores in Korea and there are tons of brands to choose from. Choosing K-pop idols to advertise for them is certainly the right choice, because they are very popular among young people and make perfect representatives for the uniform brand.

South Korean School Uniform SOPA

SOPA or Seoul of Performing Arts High School should thank their idol students for making their uniforms look so stylish. If you are a true K-pop fan, of course you already know all about the uniforms they often wear in winter.

The uniform is SOPA’s bright yellow and dark blue uniform. Many Korean idols are educated at this school. Call it Jungkook BTS, Oh Se-hun EXO, Suzy, Sulli, Kai and Hyeri GIRL’S DAY, Apink and many other K-pop stars who are SOPA graduates.

In short, SOPA is a performing arts school whose learning system is specifically designed for idols who are starting or pursuing a career. At SOPA, artists or idols can find it easier and more flexible to manage attendance when schedules prevent them from going to school and they have to take time off.

Because many idols go to school and graduate from SOPA, it’s no wonder the SOPA school uniform is the most famous uniform in South Korea. Fans of K-pop, must have seen the bright yellow suit in the school photo of K-pop artists.

The summer versions of their school uniforms are mostly white with dark green collars and ribbons or ties as well as yellow uniforms for the winter. However, the yellow uniform is more famous for being worn at their graduation ceremony.

Hanlim General Art School School Uniform

Many of us know that in Korea, wearing school uniforms to an amusement park is a common thing to add to the fun. In addition to the well-known South Korean SOPA school uniform, there is also the Hanlim General Art School school uniform that looks very beautiful.

Wearing the Hanlim school uniform with bronze buttons designed with intricate details, as well as the school badge makes each student look different. This uniform also features a red bow tie which is striking, but equally luxurious.

Chungnam International Language School School Uniform

Chungnam University is a school located on the outskirts of Seoul, with around 30,000 students studying for undergraduate and graduate programs. The color of Chungamm’s school uniform is soft pink. School jackets are designed long and wide. Students target this school to learn language diversity.

School Uniform Rocking Art High School

The South Korean school uniform from Goyang Art High School is also quite familiar because of its appearance which is very common in Korean dramas. Designed in light brown tones, this classic plaid skirt with orange tie creates a very harmonious overall look.

National School Of Traditional Arts Sekolah School Uniform

The National School Of Traditional Arts is located in Seoul and focuses on developing traditional artistic talents. Famous people who attended the school include G-Dragon, SS501 Hyung-jun and actress Jang Seo-hee. Their South Korean school uniform is light blue, a color that is not very common in Korea.

That’s a review of school uniforms that we can often see in Korean dramas or often used by K-pop idols when singing.