If you’re fascinated by the mix of fashion and streetwear, then you probably know that sneakers are going to be trendy all the time. Most expensive sneakers can be a wise investment, many of those on this list have seen their value soar since their first release.

Whether they’re in mint condition or not, it’s often the story of the sneaker that adds a sense of rarity and nostalgia to the shoe that drives the price sky-high. Well, for that, consider the following inspiration for the world’s most expensive sneakers:

The World’s Most Expensive Sneakers Priced From Hundreds Of Millions To Billions

1. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans – $2 Million

The 1st Most Expensive Sneakers: When Drake used Kayne West sneakers to collaborate with the famous Jordan brand, he decided to make them pure gold. 24k. The world’s most expensive Nike shoes weigh over 50 pounds each, which means you probably won’t be jumping around much, but with these shoes on your feet, you’ll get all the attention you need.

2. Michael Jordan’s Game Worn Converse Fastbreak – IDR 2.6 Billion

2nd Most Expensive Sneakers: These sneakers are one of the most expensive shoes ever used in a competition.

3. Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore 2017 – IDR 325 million

3rd Most Expensive Sneakers: This is arguably one of the rarest sneakers from the Air Jordan series. It is called so, because the sneakers, the result of a collaboration between Nike and Eminem, were produced only 23 pairs for the public. These sneakers themselves feature a unique design with a dominant blue color, similar to the cover of Eminem’s album entitled ‘Encore’. On the StockX website, these shoes have a reselling price of around £17,020 or the equivalent of IDR 325 million.

4. Adidas Human Race NMD Pharrell x Chanel 2017 – IDR 387 million

The 4th Most Expensive Sneakers: Next up are the Adidas collaboration sneakers with rapper Pharrell Williams and also the fashion house Chanel. Reportedly, these sneakers were released exclusively and were limited to only 500 pairs. In terms of model, these sneakers feature a minimalist NMD series in black and white, as well as ‘Pharrell’ and ‘Chanel’ topography on the upper. For the price, these sneakers have a reselling price of around 20,261 pounds, or the equivalent of IDR 387 million on the StockX website.

5. Buscemi 100 MM Diamond (US$ 132,000 or Rp 1.9 billion)

5th Most Expensive Sneakers: At first glance, there is nothing too special about this sneaker design. However, Buscemi 100 MM Diamonds is one of the most luxurious sneakers in the world because it is plated with 11.5 carat diamonds and 18 carat gold.

6. Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 (US$ 50,000 or Rp. 716.4 Million)

The 6th Most Expensive Sneakers: These Nike sneakers are lined with several diamonds created by Ernel Dawkins. Some of the world’s artists who have it are Usher, Floyd Mayweather Jr, and the Pussycat Dolls personnel.