7 Most Expensive Handbags in the World.

Have you ever heard of handbags for public figures or socialites whose prices are super fantastic? Not millions anymore, but already up to billions! Hmm, just hearing the price sometimes makes us dumbfounded and wonders, ‘what is it made of to get that expensive?’.

Well, apart from being released by well-known fashion houses, these bags are usually made of rare leather or decorated with gems such as diamonds or gold, so the price is even more expensive. What do you think about the appearance of this exorbitant branded bag? Check out the following review!

1. First, there is the Leiber Precious Rose bag which is designed from 18 carat white gold, 1,016 diamonds, and 1,169 red sapphires. This bag only has 1 in your world and the price is around IDR 1.2 billion!

This Hungarian luxury bag manufacturer has been in the fashion business since 1963. The fashion business belonging to fashion designer, Judith Leiber is famous for its collection of bags that have elegant and luxurious designs. One of his bag collections that caught the world’s attention is the Leiber Precious Rose handbag which is in the shape of a rose and designed from 18 carat white gold, 1,016 diamonds, 1,169 red sapphires. There is only 1 of these bags in the world and the price is around IDR 1.2 billion. Wow~

2. Every year, Lana Marks always releases a collection of Cleopatra Clutch bags. This collection of bags is made of silver crocodile skin covered with 1,500 diamonds and also 18 carat white gold. The price is IDR 3.5 billion.

This luxury bag brand that has been active for 30 years always releases a collection of bags with the Cleopatra Clutch type every year. The bag is crafted from metallic silver crocodile skin designed with 18 ct white gold and 1,500 black and white diamonds. This collection of Lana Marks bags is very elegant, perfect for semi-formal and formal events. Eitss, but don’t get me wrong, the price is also elegant, which is around IDR 3.5 billion!

3. Chanel doesn’t want to be left behind either, this brand has a Diamond Forever Classic Bag collection, the price is also not kidding, which is IDR 3.6 billion!

This luxury fashion brand originally made hat designs for famous French actresses. His hat collection got a lot of profit in a short time until Chanel finally innovated to make a clothing collection. Currently, the collection is not only clothes and hats, but also perfumes, shoes, and bags. The price of fashion items sold by this brand is also very fantastic, yes. One of them is the Diamond Forever Classic Bag which costs Rp. 3.6 billion.

4. Again, Hermes released the Claine’d Ancre Bag collection which has a complicated design, namely a chain link in the form of an anchor with a price of Rp. 19.9 billion!

If you want a collection of bags with anti-mainstream designs, the Hermes Claine’d Ancre Bag is the answer. This French bag manufacturer collaborated with designer Pierre Hardy to create a bag with a complicated design and has a chain hook in the form of an anchor. This bag is lined with 1,160 diamonds and there are only 3 of them in the whole world! This bag is priced at IDR 19.9 billion, guys! Wow, the price makes you shake your head!

5. Not finished soHip, the bag from the United Arab Emirates, The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, is still the most expensive bag with a price of around IDR 54.2 billion! Wow, this is really the sultan who bought it~

If the price of the previous bag has made you shake your head, the price of this bag from a fashion brand from the United Arab Emirates might surprise you even more. Yep, this The 1001 Night Diamond Furse bag collection has a really fantastic price, which is around IDR 54 billion! This bag is designed using 18 carat gold studded with 4,517 diamonds consisting of pink diamonds and colorless diamonds. Wow, this is the real sultan’s bag~