A New Era of Balenciaga in the Hands of Vetements Designer, Demna Gvasalia

Six months ago Demna Gvasalia officially became the number one person in the Balenciaga design room. During this time, the designer of the Vetements brand sought and explored the archives of Cristobal Balenciaga’s legacy. What is the distinctive silhouette of the founder of one of the most influential fashion houses in Europe, along with the female character of Balenciaga. Six months later, a new era of Balenciaga begins on the Fall/Winter 2016 runways, leaving Alexander Wang’s character designs for the edgy and feminine Balenciaga.

It’s okay if as Creative Director Demna Gvasalia wants to insert her own design character which is infused into Balenciaga’s design character. That’s why Dry was interested in signing him, because they believed Demna Gvasalia could give Balenciaga a new breath. The funny thing is, the Vetements show with Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week is only 3 days away. So, after seeing the Balenciaga collection yesterday, every pair of eyes seemed to feel a common thread between the collection and the Vetements collection.

Is it a good thing or no creativity at all? For us, there is nothing wrong at all. Each brand remains different even though both use some of the same shades. Let’s say, the tartan print. Vetements serves tartan with a predominance of red and bold cuts. At Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia chose a dark tartan pattern and made it in a simple cut to be combined with a button down shirt, as well as a new dimensional trench coat.

In addition, the way Demna Gvasalia presented the design of a shirt and how to combine it at the Vetements fashion show, is similar to her style at Balenciaga. Likewise with Vetements’ asymmetrical floral dress, as there was a second part at the Balenciaga fashion show. It’s just a different way of styling and character. One is more classy and the other is more rebellious.

“Cristobal was about the tailoring. I wanted a new way of finding that elegance for today, in a 360-degree way,” explained Demna Gvasalia. Of course this is in line with the characteristics of Vetements’ own design, only wrapped in a more casual style. In contrast to Balenciaga, which puts forward a more formal structured style.