To facilitate the global shopping experience or international shopping, Amazon launches the Amazon Shopping App. With this application, customers can easily look around and buy more than 45 million items from the United States (US). “We are always innovating for our customers and with this launch we make the shopping experience on mobile much better and more convenient for customers who live outside the US,” Amazon VP of Amazon Exports and Expansion Samir Kumar said in a press release Sunday (4/22/2018).

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Samir added, Amazon Shopping App can be downloaded by customers for use on IoS and Android-based phones. The ease of shopping through the Amazon Shopping App was explained by Samir because it offered shopping in five languages ​​including English, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese and simplified Chinese.

In addition, customers can shop using their currency because Amazon Shopping App supports shopping features using 25 currencies in the world. “This then makes it easier for customers to make the best use of Amazon and shop using their local currency. Customers can also choose various options and speed of delivery depending on their desires,” explained Samir.

Customers simply download the Amazon Shopping App for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to be able to enjoy the international shopping experience. After that, customers only need to make settings in the application, then choose the ‘Country & Language’ option and choose ‘International Shopping’ in the country list. In the ‘International Shopping’ feature, customers can see clear product prices, shipping costs, and estimated import duties.

“Customers can choose the language and currency in their country to enjoy a customized shopping experience, and can change their location at any time to immediately see the products available for shipment to their chosen location,” concluded Samir.