Balenciaga and Crocs Release Rubber Bags

So far, the Crocs brand has always been synonymous with bulky rubber shoes with perforated accents. This brand from the United States was booming in Indonesia because of its unique shape, eye-catching motifs and bright colors. However, not a few also feel that they do not match the characteristics of the Crocs. In fact, in 2010, Time Magazine named Crocs one of the “50 worst inventions of all time.”

The impression of luxury is far from the appearance of Crocs shoes. In terms of price, these shoes are still affordable for most people. But now, with the latest collaboration with Balenciaga, Crocs is transforming its products to a more luxurious level.

In June 2022, Balenciaga and Crocs released their newest collaboration product in the form of a rubber bag and phone case. What does it look like? Here is the full review.

Balenciaga combines the signature elements of Crocs with the luxury of its products

The collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs did not stop when the public was confused about how to wear their stiletto clogs. Now, the world’s fashion house is again collaborating with Crocs to launch fashion items that are no less eccentric, namely rubber bags worth Rp. 18 million and phone cases worth Rp. 11 million.

This bag is named the Crocs Large Tote Bag. At first glance, you can immediately see the distinctive appearance of Crocs with perforated accents and elastic and thick rubber material. Judging from the official Balenciaga website, this bag uses 100% EVA rubber, the same material that Crocs uses in its shoe products.

The design comes in three color options including black, pink, and green. The upper is designed open or open top and is equipped with two handles that are the same shape as the Crocs shoe supports. The word “BALENCIAGA” is placed on the bottom and the hook between the stand and the bag. Only one word from this world-class brand is used to add to the luxury element of this bag.

The next product is a phone case. If you look in more detail, the appearance of the phone case is actually exactly the same as the rubber tote bag above. It’s just that, the size is made smaller in accordance with mobile phones. Balenciaga and Crocs added one length-adjustable grip strap.

If you are curious about the benefits (like netizens in general), these two items can be used while on vacation to the beach or swimming pool. With rubber material, you don’t have to worry about your bag and cellphone being exposed to water. In addition, you can rely on this tote bag to put your groceries when you go to the market or supermarket. Don’t get me wrong, the size is big. Yes, again, these two items can still be used and are suitable for those of you who don’t mind spending up to IDR 18 million~