Cloths is one of the primary human needs, in addition to food and shelter. For some people, clothes are also an important thing in their lives, because when they dress according to their wishes, they will feel more confident and also self-fulfilling. The way people dress also differs according to their own preferences from their point of view which one suits them, and this way of dressing has also been enshrined in the country’s regulations regarding freedom of expression.

In this case we can conclude that a person is free to be creative in how to dress. In accordance with the quote that is often heard for people who like clothes, namely, “Fashion or Clothes Have no Gender” there are no gender stereotypes in dressing, everyone is free to wear what they like and make themselves comfortable. In the past few years, genderless fashion has started to rise, this style is used by any man or woman who wears women’s clothing or vice versa and doesn’t care about fashion boundaries because there are no limits. Because in their heads, genderless fashion is a style that doesn’t look feminine or masculine.

This trend began to rise again in 2020 until now, this trend began when Harry Styles became the cover of Vogue magazine in a dress. This of course got pros and cons, Harry Styles was even labeled that his sexual orientation was gray. He could only comment “What women wear. What men wear. For me, it’s not a question of that, the important thing is to be yourself” said Harry. Besides Harry Styles, there is also a musician who wears a dress, Jaden Smith. Although he was opposed by his father, Will Smith, he was able to answer that if wearing a dress was his favorite, he would still wear it. Genderless fashion is also spreading in Indonesia, a public figure who often dresses like this is Oslo Ibrahim, a musician who breaks the stereotype of dressing in Indonesia. He was used to getting comments about it, but the public in this country could start to accept foreign trends and find them unique. Actor Jefri Nichol also supports this fashion trend “Would you like to wear a cake skirt or something, if you are comfortable, then wear it. Yes, if you want to dress, you are free to do so. There are no rules either.” Jefri in an interview uploaded by Herbyuss. According to him, this is progress in the fashion world because it breaks the barrier of stereotypes. Basically we are free to express our expression in dress as long as we are comfortable and do not harm others. When we dress, we show that we love ourselves. Not always dressed in edgy or stand out is meant to attract the attention of the opposite sex. “I am a man who likes to wear skirts. As long as I want, I will dress immediately without hesitation. ” – Actor Billy Porter.

The phrase “bring back the manly man” has been circulating on social media since Harry Styles broke the internet by posing in a ballgown. She receives the same praise and criticism from people who decide that the way other people dress affects their lives. How to have the confidence to wear a dress is not “manly” enough? If she is transgender, she will be criticized for not being transgender enough. If she was a woman, she would be criticized for being too feminine. No one can win. Nobody can ever win.

Even when we were in elementary school, the girls were told what we could and shouldn’t wear. The shoulders and thighs are too distracting for the boys; hide or go home. The only items of the dress code for boys are usually less restrictive. Girls are sexualized from an early age only for the cloth they choose to cover their bodies. But the cloth made for girls is the same cloth made for boys. The cloth itself has no gender. It was commissioned by us, folks.

No one should go through expressing themselves openly and vulnerable only to be knocked down by someone who thinks they have a say in what other people wear. Gender stereotypes have no place anywhere, especially in the fashion world.