When discussing fashion items that are timeless and are also suitable for use at all times, a blazer is the right answer to use. The presence of Blazer is able to bring someone’s appearance more stylish and modern at the same time. However, one obstacle that occurs in a tropical country, the use of a blazer is considered uncomfortable because of hot air, and so forth.

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One of the famous blazer brands Sacco is here to answer all your desires to look chic and stay comfortable with a blazer. Sacco is a blazer designed in London, the production of Naples, based in Singapore is made with luxury materials and quality Vitale Barberis Canonico which was created with high-level expertise to produce a quality blazer. Alexander Hascher the founder wants to create a blazer with a ready-to-wear concept that comes with 12 color choices.

With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Alexander has played an important role in several famous fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Bally, and several other names. His expertise also includes brand development, product development, retail and e-commerce. Likewise with the Sacco brand that he has. With Sacco, Alexander introduced a new concept, ePOP. An e-Commerce Point of Purchase where there is a combination of e-commerce and retail boutiques.

This uniqueness will certainly give a complete new experience of a single layer best blazer with a lightweight design structure that is only 300 grams, but able to give a statement on the appearance of its users around the world. For the complete collection, check the site saccoitaly.com.