Compete with LV, Christian Dior Holds a Show in a No Less Unique Building

Raf Simons and the team don’t have to fly thousands of kilometers to show their pre-season collection to the public. Le Palais Bulles, located in the city of Cannes, became the destination of every invited guest, and of course Raf Simons, who had glanced at this place 5 years earlier.

No less unique than where Louis Vuitton held its Resort 2016 collection in Palm Springs, California. Le Palais Bulles is a Mediterranean-inspired place with great architecture. It’s like an ancient stone house from the cartoon The Flinstones. The venue is owned by Pierre Cardin, who hosted and was Raf Simons’ guest of honor at the show.

As if blending with the location, Raf Simons wanted to show the strength of Christian Dior through a silhouette that he created himself. Some of Raf Simons’ early collections for Christian Dior still follow the fashion house’s heritage from the 1940s. But this time Raf used his own instincts to create a lighter and universal collection with a playful side.

This is Christian Dior’s version of the holiday style. The plaid top with boxy sleeves and peplum pleats is the accent. There was also a plaid dress there, the lines were firm and almost similar to dozens of Dior spring dresses. Some abstract motifs can be seen in several looks but somehow transformed into a tropical nuance. Raf Simons also plays with fabric folds. The sleeves are folded and form a lightweight futuristic silhouette. Likewise with the bag that is not less charming.

You can imagine how Raf Simons would describe a Dior woman who goes on vacation and maybe goes to a party at night. There are dozens of mini dresses with various accents for Dior women who have a quirky side. Meanwhile, a plain maxi dress was exhibited for the classic Dior woman. Multi-colored glasses can be pinned above the head to emphasize the holiday feel.

Seeing the enthusiasm of pre-season collections, which are even more luxurious with great location choices, it’s not impossible to shift the popularity of the main collections of these fashion houses, right?