Do you like shopping? These are Fashionable Cities for Shopping

Everyone has different travel tastes. Some like to go to the sea or to the beach. But not a few who like shopping when visiting a tourist destination. In fact, many deliberately come all the way to a country to shop. There are several cities in the world that are known as fashion cities and become “paradise” for shopping lovers. 

As quoted from, the following fashion cities are famous for fashion trends:

Madrid, Spain 

Is one of the leading fashion design centers in Europe. Early September fashion week is a major international event. This event has a very good reputation for hunting for lacy clothes, leather fashion, and embroidered products. The youthful and trendy Chueca district boasts burgeoning fashion labels. Gran Via clothing boutiques are scattered all over the place, from the Art Deco Era to Calle Augusto Figueroa filled with shoe shops.

Vienna, Austria 

Vienna’s reputation for culture is classy, explaining the perfect shopping experience in this area. Head straight to trendy District 7 just behind the Museums Quartier, where quirky fashion boutiques offer leather bags, jewellery, luxury clothing. The nearby Mariahilferstrasse, one of Vienna’s longest streets, is lined with shopping outlets that are a major tourist hotspot.

Marrakech, Morocco 

You can buy sandals and spiky robes in the souks of Marrakech, but the city is also famous for its contemporary French and Moroccan-influenced fashion. Especially in Sidi Ghanem, a suburban industrial zone filled with designer studios and shops. You can be mesmerized by local textiles, retro European fashions and batik-like fabrics from neighboring Mauritania. Don’t forget to visit the new Yves St Laurent Museum.

Hamburg, Germany 

If you are looking for big shopping in a rich trading and port city, Hamburg is the perfect solution. Jungfernsteig is Germany’s most expensive shopping street, with fashion and jewelery shops and historic chains surrounding it. It intersects with two other prominent shopping streets, Grosse Bleichen and Neuer Wall. For a more affordable price, the pedestrian Spitalerstrasse and Monckebergstrasse have large shopping centers. Even more interesting are the boutiques in the Poseldorf district.

Seoul, South Korea 

The city that is known for its Gangnam style is home to trendy and diverse shopping venues. Start with a souvenir-style T-shirt and brightly colored traditional hanbok on Insadong Street before heading to Itaewon for the latest sports gear, shoes, leather jackets and hip-hop outfits. Gangnam is full of department stores and fashion boutiques. Myeong-dong city center is full of malls, Namdaemun with cheap wholesale outlets.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

The top city in South America for fashion is known for its high quality leather goods at affordable prices, but is underrated for the more general fashion scene, especially for women. The city has plenty of local designers offering innovative fashions you won’t find anywhere else, and at more reasonable prices. Some of the boldest designer boutiques are found around Plaza Serrano in Palermo. The streets of Lavalle and Florida combine shopping malls and independent retailers.

Chicago, United States  

Although known more for architecture than fashion, Windy City has become an American epicenter for up-and-coming designers and their quirky boutiques, especially in Wicker Park and along Armitage Avenue. Oak Street is known as a luxurious area. The Magnificent Mile is one of the world’s top fashion and shopping centers. Bargain hunters should head to the State Street discount store.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, shopping is a must! Plaza Hollywood in the Kowloon Shopping District is the crème de la crème for high fashion. In addition, Hong Kong also has the K11 mall which has art and natural architecture to complete your shopping experience. For a more affordable price, head to the Temple Street Market in Kowloon which is open until midnight every day. Tung Choi Street markets (or Ladies’ Market) also provide everything a woman needs at affordable prices. There are several options for kids and men too, you know!