The pandemic that strikes in 2020 brings changes to everyday fashion trends.

Fashion trends during the pandemic began to look for a middle way so that people can still look trendy, but still comfortable and take care of themselves.

This makes the fashion trends during this year’s pandemic still usable until next year.

So, here are some fashion trends during the pandemic that you can still use in the next year :

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1. The Black Mask

Masks are mandatory to use when leaving the house during the current pandemic.

As an item that must be used, masks are considered a complementary accessory to your fashion.

During the Spring / Summer Fashion Week 2021 event, black masks were seen being widely used by the people who attended. With its neutral color, this black mask is suitable and easy to match with various colors of your outfit.

2. Hat and head scarf

To avoid viruses that can stick to the hair, the use of head coverings is increasing.

Starting from a hat to a scarf, you can choose to cover your head.

Besides being able to protect your hair, using a head covering can also sweeten your appearance!

3. Pajama set

The increase in work from home during a pandemic has made the use of household clothes for work to increase.

Pajama sets can be an option as clothes that are comfortable, but can still look fashionable.

Currently, you can find various types of pajama sets with various patterns and materials that can be used when Meeting calls out of the house!