Freedom How to Dress

Along with the development of the era, of course there will always be new trends that occur in society at that time. This development can be from all kinds of aspects, such as technology, information and the topic that I will discuss this time is how to dress. A more general example can be seen from Elon Musk’s incident when he met Jokowi last May, Elon Musk’s style of dress contrasted sharply with the appearance of Luhut and his entourage of officials wearing services and ties. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is still wearing a striped shirt. Elon Musk’s dressing style when he met Jokowi had also become a conversation in Indonesia and reaped various controversies (Idris, 2022). More specifically, lately many people are worried about how other people dress. I saw some content on one social media that recorded someone in the paparazzi and then was given ridiculous music and text like mocking the way they were dressed, even though the person was only wearing a white hoodie and shorts which I thought seemed normal, but some netizens said otherwise with say something negative. This is personally very disturbing to me because after all the way they dress does not interfere with your entity in carrying out activities.

It may sound very trivial and not very important in life, but these little things can mean a lot to some people in determining the decisions they choose, including this way of dressing. Whether you realize it or not, how to dress can describe the shape of a person’s personality, this can be taken as an example, like you met your friend for the first time or it can be called a first impression, of course you will interpret something that you can see first, namely from a physical perspective including how dress this. According to research from Nature Human Behavior, the behavior of judging other people through their clothes has become a natural instinct for almost some people (Azmi, 2020).

The way we dress is also a form of communication, namely how we want to be seen by others and how we want to be treated. I think the way someone dresses can be due to 3 reasons. First, someone uses clothes or how to dress to present themselves, this is very reasonable because as I said from the beginning that how to dress is one form of communication how we want to be treated and by looking attractive to themselves creates a happy impression for them. yourself, but what you need to pay attention to is that you have to dress according to the place and the existing conditions, for example if you work in a well-known company and have an important position in the company, of course you will not use street children themed clothes and casual clothes. . We often assume that someone who wears clothing that differs from the norm in a professional setting has higher abilities, ratings and respect than their peers who adhere to the dress code. This is because being different from the norm means you have authority and can bear the brunt of that difference – even if the stakes are your job (Murray, 2019). Second, someone uses clothes or how to dress to attract the opposite sex. This is of course very reasonable for all men and women that the way of dressing of a gender serves to attract the opposite sex, how not, of course, the way of dressing can show its own aura for a man or woman, because the first thing that appears from the figure Humans are physical, when talking about the physical, of course, it is not far from how they dress, the way they organize themselves should reflect a clean, neat, and charming person. This is the main factor of the opposite sex in interpreting someone into the attractive category or not. Third, someone uses clothing or how to dress to outperform the same sex. This last factor may sound strange and ambiguous, but what I mean here is not to attract the same sex or present the same sex, but to give the impression of being different or superior to the same sex. For example, you as a man are in a group consisting of several men who dress in the same theme or maybe ordinary, but different from you, you wear a neat, elegant, and different theme from your friends but still look relaxed. This is what makes the interpretation in your group will see you as someone who is different from other friends, as well as other people other than the group will interpret that you are someone different from a group of people.

I think the way people dress is a person’s freedom in expressing what they have for themselves, and in the way people dress, they can at least feel their own happiness without disturbing others. People have a way of dressing according to their own version of themselves. However, the way I dress does not mean that we can be free as freely as possible, of course we must also remember the saying “where the earth is stepped on, the sky is upheld” which means we must obey the norms that exist in an environment in order to be accepted by society.