Slow Fashion

In the midst of rampant cases of environmental pollution caused by textile waste as a result of fast fashion, many people who care about the environment then voice and introduce slow fashion trends. Previously, fast fashion was considered very detrimental to the environment because many industries engaged in this field produced excessive fashion items, thus causing a bad impact on the environment.

With the principle of fast fashion itself, which pays more attention to quantity, it is not uncommon for waste management to be carried out very minimally. Fast fashion is done to follow trends that exist among designers and is popular with celebrities, and what the fashion industry does is to imitate it in a short period of time which is mass-produced so that the resulting product has bad quality. But it is still in great demand by the public because the price is more affordable. Then, what is slow fashion?

In contrast to fast fashion which is more concerned with quantity and fast production, slow fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion itself. Which, in slow fashion, emphasizes more on quality and emphasizes sustainable fashion which has the goal of producing environmentally friendly clothing.

These slow fashion products are generally made in a longer period of time or later, so the products tend to be limited and have high quality, this is suitable for people who like exclusive collections and limited edition items that have high value. The materials used in this fashion product are of course of high quality and environmentally friendly too, such as the tancel material which is made of wood so that it is easy to decompose. A number of designers who apply the slow fashion movement do something different by making handmade items so that the quality is guaranteed to be good. Although it took a long time in production and also in terms of price, it is a bit pricey, but the quality of this handmade item is unquestionable.

In slow fashion, the priority is not a trend that continues to grow, but how to produce a high-value product. The fashion industry with the application of slow fashion has the characteristics of slow production and does not produce waste in its production. Usually this slow fashion industry only produces two to three fashion models in a year. This is very contrary to fast fashion which contributes a lot of waste due to a lot of mass production that is carried out continuously.

Slow fashion, in practice also produces fashion that does not run out of time, so that it can be used repeatedly for a long period of time. Generally, slow fashion is produced locally with distinctive and authentic designs.

The public should be aware of the impact of fashion waste. That, a piece of cloth that they use has gone through a long process that has many impacts on the side of life, especially the environment. Therefore, this slow fashion trend is very helpful in overcoming these problems.

The reason is, basically the fashion we wear reflects our identity or character. So, following new trends or fashion all the time so that it doesn’t look out of date actually doesn’t need to be done. There are many ways that can be done to apply slow fashion to protect the environment. For example, be wise in buying clothes, avoid buying clothes just because of lust or trend.

In buying a fashion item, we have to do a lot of considerations, this is reasonable to do to find out whether the product is really needed or not. Next, the thing that can be done is to choose clothes that reflect your personality. In this case, we are required to know ourselves first. After knowing how the fashion suits us, the thing to do is to choose and store the appropriate clothes to keep it practical.

In this era, there are many local slow fashion brands in Indonesia. For example, as far as the eye can see, which collaborates with Lenzing in producing tencel fiber, an alternative fiber to cellulose that is easily biodegradable. In addition, there is Zalia Basic which also uses Lenzing fiber in creating sustainable fashion.

The next brand is Sare Studio, which is a homeware brand that is also designed to be environmentally friendly. The brand that is also quite well known is Wilsen Willim, who makes his fashion items made from bio-degradable which is basically made of paper pulp. And there are many other environmentally friendly brands who are aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

The sustainable concept carried out by several well-known Indonesian brands actually received a good response. Because this movement is really done to create an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The purpose of doing this is to implement that actually the industry engaged in fashion is not only concerned with quantity and making money, but also pays attention to other values such as the environment which is no less important. The existence of this slow fashion is considered very helpful in improving the previously polluted environment.

This slow fashion can also make people aware that consumptive patterns that have been carried out so far have a bad impact on the environment. Slow fashion, which prioritizes quality little by little, is able to change people’s mindsets that the priority in choosing clothes is not just a trend, but the best quality that must be put forward.