Give New Direction, Jonathan Anderson Changes The Logo Of This Spanish Luxury Brand

Jonathan Anderson’s name is well known for his quirky British aesthetic and he is one of the fashion world’s most eccentric talents. The joining of him (who is probably better known to his loyal fans through his private label, JW Anderson) with Loewe is thought to be a step for the LVMH group to refresh Loewe.

Loewe is a brand that is famous for its luxury leather releases and as a brand that has a long cultural heritage value (this brand was founded in 1846), of course joining Jonathan Anderson is an interesting step. What did he do to demonstrate his early vision for Loewe?

New logos. Yes, Jonathan Anderson offers a new logo for Loewe. The old, classic logo, and certainly familiar to loyal fans of the brand, has received changes and a few additions to the details. No longer ‘only’ emphasizes the power of typography (the thickness of the letters ‘Loewe’ is reduced, and becomes cleaner), but also accompanied by a logo.

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For us, this new logo still offers a sense of heritage that is synonymous with the brand and looks absolutely chic when applied to their new Spring Summer 2015 collection. It looks like an ‘L’ engraving with flowing graphic characters, then given a mirror effect. Then, immersed in a square mold that synergizes 360 degrees. Jonathan Anderson confirmed that this logo will be visible in all of their menswear, women’s wear and leather products collections. The new logo was done by the well-known M/M design agency, based in Paris

JW Anderson’s first collection for Loewe, according to schedule, was introduced in the midst of the Men’s Fashion Week agenda which is currently taking place in Paris, France. Maybe the birth of this new logo doesn’t seem right, when so many brands have abandoned monograms and logos. But then, we talk about three big forces in the fashion business. Jonathan Anderson is a talent, LVMH is a producer, and Loewe is a medium with an unquestionable legacy. We are talking about a rich past, a productive present, and a very bright future. We are actually excited.