The Gucci fashion house is taking concrete steps to express diversity. The latest action taken by Gucci is to appoint Rennee Tirado as the latest head of diversity.

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Tirado has the task of carrying out and designing new strategies to create a conducive and inclusive work environment in this fashion house. Increasing diversity also includes labor. Tirado will lead the training program. cultural awareness for Gucci fashion house staff, multicultural scholarship programs, and staff exchanges globally.

This is also evidence that Gucci accepts diversity. As we know, in 2019 Gucci is exposed to the issue of racism through its collection. This sensitive issue is due to the Balaclava collection which is sensitive to dark-skinned ethnicity. Or other issues are also due to the turban presented which is said to be very sacred with the head covering of the Sikhs.

Actually, it is not only Gucci that is exposed to the issue of diversity. Fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Burberry also experience the same problem. With the appointment of Tirado, it is hoped that Gucci will be more successful in delivering positive messages to the people of the world.

Before joining Gucci, Tirado also underwent a similar role in major League Baseball, AIG Insurance, and the US Tennis Association. Even now, he is also a member of the Gucci Changemaker Council.