How to Take Care of Watches to Make them Lasting Easily

Caring for your watch is very important to ensure that your watch lasts a long time in the best possible condition. Some of you may still be wondering, how do you take care of the right watch so that it lasts easily? Getting a dream watch is a happy thing, right? This is because to get a dream watch is not an easy thing. Maybe some of you have to wait in very long queues and some of you get your dream watch at a fantastic price. But apart from that, keeping a watch in top condition is a challenge.

Watches as accessories in fashion that can enhance the appearance of anyone who wears it, need to be considered with great detail and care. Especially, if you want to make the watch durable in good condition. We will help you to answer the question of how to care for your watch to keep it durable in this article. Here are ways to care for your watch with detailed information that we have prepared for you.


Ensuring Watch Cleanliness

The first thing you can do to take care of your watch is to make sure the exterior of the watch is clean. Dust and dirt allow it to get into the inside of the watch which eventually makes your favorite watch dirty. In addition, by regularly cleaning the outside of the watch, it can also remove moisture due to sweat. One thing to keep in mind when you clean your watch is whether your watch is water resistant or not. If it is, then you can wipe it but if it can’t be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Clean the Watch Strap

There are several types of watch straps such as rubber, bracelet, leather or canvas. Each type of strap also has a different way of care, so you should be more careful with the watch strap. To clean the bracelet or bracelet made of steel, you should use a small soft brush. In addition to not making scratches on the watch band, this small soft brush can also lift dirt and remnants of sweat that sticks. Meanwhile, leather watch straps require extra care. Leather watch straps should not be exposed to water so as not to create an unpleasant odor. To clean it, we recommend that you use a leather cleaner from the watch manufacturer and follow the instructions. Lastly, canvas or cloth straps are the easiest to clean types of straps. Because you can clean enough with warm water and soap. After that, let it dry and avoid drying with a hairdryer or in direct sunlight.

Getting to Know the Water Resistant Function on Your Watch

Not all watches have water resistance or water resistance features. Even though there are these features, you should still pay attention to how many levels are there. This is because each watch has a different level of water resistance. However, in general, the thing that you need to pay attention to to care for your watch so that it remains durable is to avoid contacting the watch with chemical liquids that can damage the case and watch strap such as perfume, cologne, oil, cosmetics and others. So, after wearing perfume on your wrist, make sure to dry it first before pairing your favorite watch.

Changing Batteries and Service Periodically

Keeping your watch working properly and for a long time requires attention to the battery as well as service. Generally, the battery life of a quartz watch is three to four years. This depends on how old the watch is, as well as the condition and type of clock such as analog, chronograph, or digital. However, the more functions your watch has, the more likely it is to change the battery. To avoid damage to the clock mechanism, when your watch has slowed down or even dies, replace the battery immediately. As for those of you who have mechanical watches, check regularly every two or three years. What will affect the service frequency of a mechanical watch is how long it is worn and even how you store it.

Caring for watches is something that needs to be considered and done in detail. With the tips that we have informed, hopefully it can help you to keep your favorite watch last long in good condition.