Fashion Trend

Wearing clothes upside down, is not something that is common. But the reality is that nowadays, clothes with reverse stitches, or visible overlock stitches, are actually becoming a trend among teenagers.

In the past, we felt embarrassed if we were caught accidentally wearing a reversed shirt, where there is also a myth that accidentally wearing an upside down shirt was a sign of good fortune, but nowadays, reversed clothes have become a fashion trend among teenagers.

The rapid flow of fashion makes various fashion models alternate, so that along with this, young people today inevitably have to follow existing trends so they are not said to be out of date.

The emerging fashion trends are also various kinds of fashion. Anti-mainstream clothing modes are now also in great demand among young people such as hipsters and so on.

This shirt has become popular among young people since there are many influencers on the Instagram platform who upload photos using the fashion clothes. So that many millennial children are fashion lovers who are also interested in dressing with reverse stitches.

This is different from unfinished fashion which has previously been a trend among young people as well. If the unfinished is intentionally made without stitches on some sides, this upside down shirt is deliberately designed with overlock stitches placed on the outside so that if people don’t know this trend, this shirt looks completely upside down.

This reverse stitch fashion mode, if used, will seem swag and make your appearance a little different from usual. Fashion like this is more recommended for people who like a different fashion look, a bit quirky but still interesting. Then to style clothes like this is also quite easy.

Here are some ways that you can imitate if you want to try this anti-mainstream reverse-stitched shirt:

  1. One set

Many of the fashion producers who produce this reverse shirt in a set or top and bottom. These are basic tips for those of you who are still afraid to mix and match your own outfit.

You don’t have to worry about what tops or bottoms to wear. This one set of clothes is enough to be the solution, just by buying one set of clothes you will look a little different from these trendy clothes.

  1. Outer dan Layer Look

For those of you young people who like to wear outer. Take it easy, reverse sewing clothes are made with several variations such as t-shirts, shirts, and even outers at once. For young people who like to combine their outfits, this trick can be tried.

By using an inner shirt and then layering it with a shirt or outer sewing upside down, your appearance will look stunning. An appearance like this is suitable if used just for a casual walk with school friends or it could be your college outfit idea.

  1. Mix with Jeans

Jeans are one of the fashion items that must be owned by young people. The reason is that these jeans are a very basic item and are suitable if used by anyone and are also suitable to mix and match with other fashion items. One of them is the reverse sewing look. With a touch of the right color, your outfit will look very stunning.

  1. The Right Color Blend

In combining outfits, the thing that is no less important is in combining the colors of the outfit. In addition to making your outfit attractive, the right color combination will greatly affect your character and skin tone. In choosing your own color, one of the things that can be used as a reference is skin tone.

There are two skin tones, namely warm tones and cool tones. In choosing the color of clothes, warm tones will be more inclined and match dark and calm colors such as pastel colors. While cool tones are more suitable if you use bright colors.

After knowing the skin tone, and the color that matches that tone, of course it will be easier for us to combine the colors of each outfit that will be worn.

  1. Use of the Right Accessories

Because the fashion with this stitch already looks crowded, because the impression of the stitches on the outside is visible. So, in the use of accessories here, don’t overdo it so that it still looks elegant, choose simple accessories such as matching necklaces or bracelets, or for example, if you wear a hijab, it is more suitable if you wear a plain or unpatterned hijab. For the use of your own footwear, sandals or shoes, you can adjust to what place we will use the outfit.

The tips above are some ways to mix and match that you can try to make you look confident in wearing this trending outfit. So, pick your outfit idea and be confident.