Japanese Style Parisian Chic, UNIQLO x Ines De La Fressange

Throughout her modeling career, Ines has always had a strong personal style – so not infrequently, was appointed as the muse of Karl Lagerfeld and other famous designers in the world. She has managed to express her knowledge of high end fashion as well as her distinctive personal style to create quality clothes in a Parisian chic style that is widely followed by women all over the world.

Naoki Takizawa, is the Design Director of UNIQLO. His career records include being a designer and creative director Issey Miyake from 1989 – 2006; has a fashion line in its own name; and now besides heading the UNIQLO collaboration project, he also teaches at Waseda University, Tokyo. He has won various awards from the world of fashion and art.

Takizawa is the person responsible for translating Ines de la Fressange’s sense of style into a collection that, although simple, contains both Japanese DNA (UNIQLO) and Parisian chic. Check out our interview with this stylish Japanese man about the collaboration collection.

The beginning of this collaboration can be said because the CEO of UNIQLO, Tadashi Yanai was interested in Ines’ style through his book “Parisian Chic: a Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange”, where some of Ines’ mainstay items are UNIQLO products, Takizawa opened the interview session. In this collaboration, Ines acts not as a designer but as a personal stylist and determines the style and inspiration of each item in her collection, which was designed directly by Takizawa.

Although Japanese and French cultures are very different, they have the same basic idea about beauty, chic and the concept of simplicity. Japanese society is quite crazy about French culture, and follows from pastry to style. So this is a factor that combines the two cultures. Takizawa said that when he went to Paris at one time, an exhibition was being held on a painting by one of the proudest Japanese artists. Parisians at that time were very enthusiastic to attend the exhibition, and according to Takizawa it was one of the proudest and proof of the similarity of Japanese and French cultural perspectives.

Takizawa further explained that French culture is divided into two, high society and mediocre. Ines comes from high society people. (Meanwhile) Japanese society, many cultures were born from ordinary people. Judging from these two things, it can be seen that there is one meeting point where, no matter where the culture comes from, it can be accepted by different groups and is like meeting in the middle. “I’m from Japan, Ines is from France. We have different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common in terms of cultural perspective and love of fashion,” Takizawa explained again.

As the leader of this collaborative project, Takizawa didn’t have any special tricks or intentions from the start to combine the two different DNAs. The Parisian chic concept seen in the Ines collection, can be interpreted in the everyday style of people around the world.

In the words of Ines, “Fashion has to be fun. I learned from the world of high fashion where we can express an elegant style without having to have the latest fashion items. This collection is very easy to wear and match, and is specially designed for women all over the world. Fashion is a joy in life, so let’s enjoy it together!”

Ines also really likes this collection which she considers very exciting, because it offers many styles that can enrich your wardrobe collection. His creation palette for this season’s Ines–UNIQLO collection is enriched by adding caramel tones and grays in his signature indigo or navy blue. She also added a choice of linen and cotton – which are always the materials of choice in her wardrobe.

Ines’ Spring/Summer 2015 collection offers caramel color – which symbolizes the state of nature in the South of France. Items available include sport jackets and vintage-cut sweat shirts that highlight one of Ines’ styles, which is a blend of feminine and masculine. A relaxed nylon jacket and overalls with a neckline opening, a unique cut meant to keep the feminine silhouette of the entire collection.

Perfect for holidays in Marrakech, Morocco or in a Mediterranean seaside town. The colors for this collection are vanilla and natural limestone. New items include embroidered shirts and apron dresses, linens and cottons in faded colors that are especially appealing to hot weather. The new motif is the plaid windowpane that is often found in Europe. This collection really reflects the personality of Ines, who combines the comfort of natural materials with the style and inspiration of the Mediterranean sea breeze.