Men, Increase Confidence by Choosing Clothes According to Skin Color

It’s not unusual if you have a role model who always inspires you to dress. But sometimes, when you try to imitate and follow it, it turns out that the style doesn’t look as cool as your idol. Most likely the clothes will not necessarily suit you. One of the easiest ways to choose clothes is by skin color. That’s because there are several colors that match or even should be avoided if adjusted to your skin tone condition. Want to know what are the guidelines for choosing clothes according to skin color? Check out the following reviews, yes!

Pale white skin color choice

If you are one of those who have pale white skin, you should choose a color that contrasts with that skin tone. Try choosing black, brown, burgundy, navy, and other deep colors. These colors are suitable because they can give an optical illusion and the impression of contrast on pale white skin. So that the skin tone will appear by itself if given contrasting colors. It’s best to avoid clothes that are light in color and soft because they will make your skin look paler. This also applies to neutral colors. Instead of choosing white clothes, try changing to light beige or slate gray. You can still use these colors, but try pairing them with other dark colors so that the proportions of your appearance are balanced.

Choice of olive skin color

Not far from the previous skin color, there is also a olive color that should avoid light colors such as cream and yellow. However, because the olive skin is not too pale, this is a distinct advantage for the owner. You can play with a variety of colors, especially earth tones such as brown, tan, and khaki. In addition, gray, blue, and some red can still be used. If you want to use metal accessories, the gold color is perfect for this skin tone.

Choice of light brown skin color

If the previous skin tone was more towards cool complexions, this time there is light brown skin. Categorized as warm-toned, the owner of this skin color can match clothes with a wider spectrum of colors. For a summer look, try wearing light neutral colored clothes that complement your appearance. For example, pair a white shirt with brownish gray chinos. Although you can use a variety of colors, colors like yellow and green should be avoided.

Choice of dark brown skin color

No need to hesitate in choosing the color of clothes for those of you who have dark brown skin. As before, almost any color can match that skin tone. But you should avoid the variety of brown colors that can make your clothes become one with the color of your skin.

There are also black and navy colors which are recommended not to take up too much space for your clothes. You can choose bolder colors, but they must coordinate with each other.

Black color choice

People who have black skin color tend to feel limited in choosing the color of clothing. This concept must be removed. The variety of bright colors in clothes can blend with your skin tone. Call it like white, cream, sky blue, fiery red, orange, and other bright and pastel colors.


Choose a fashion model according to the activity

The last thing to consider is choosing a fashion model. From the color guide in the previous point, make sure you choose clothes according to the event you are going to attend. For example, for owners of warm undertones, you can choose a softer coral color shirt when attending a formal event. Then for owners of cool undertones, combine a white t-shirt with a bright denim jacket for a casual and trendy look. Furthermore, men with neutral undertones can rely on any color clothing, especially neutral ones such as white shirts and blazers for a semi-formal style.

Those were some simple guidelines for you to choose clothes according to your skin tone. Hope it inspires and good luck!