Muslimah Fashion Style

There are Muslimah women who show their genitals, there are also women who cover their genitals but are not perfect, and there are also women who cover their genitals with tight fashion style. In this era, apart from trending with open clothes, there is also a trend with fake hijabs or what is commonly known as stylish hijab by a group of women.

Indeed, if Satan fails to tempt Muslim women to reveal their aurat, then he will change his strategy to seduce them to wear the hijab that is not in accordance with religious shari’ah.

Often we see a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf that covers her head and hair, but she wears thin, transparent, and tight clothes that reveal her curves. For example, the head has been veiled, but uses a very tight shirt, jeans or leggings that print the curves of his body. They wear the hijab because they follow the trend, or to look Islamic, but what’s worse, they just go along with it.

Of course this is done because it is more concerned with style, regardless of whether or not the hijab is used in its true meaning and appearance

Indeed, we call this 21st century as the era of globalization, where changes occur as a whole. In this era, everything is developing, the lifestyle that leads to the sophistication of electronic devices that we usually know as gadgets, the way of dressing, behaving, socializing, the environment, even food and drink have changed.

For women, the matter of dress is the most troublesome. Especially in the current era of globalization, various kinds of fashion models continue to develop, not to mention the patterns and color combinations.

The development of fashion is changing rapidly like a chameleon. In fact, there are some people who measure modernity only from the way they dress. So, following fashion trends has become an obligation that is forbidden to be abandoned for women.

Almost often we meet women with visible genitalia, they say they follow fashion, if they don’t try, they will be labeled ‘not slang’, ‘not cool’, ‘old school’, and various terms that demean women with the aim of influencing them to show their nakedness. 

Just look at what is circulating in the market, women’s clothing is getting more economical in materials and is getting bolder to reveal aurat. Evidently, many women are scantily clad, only a few inches from the center of the genitals. Even if someone covers the body, for example a long skirt or long pants plus a long-sleeved shirt that presses the body, aka super tight. So that the curves of a woman’s body stand out clearly. It’s like wearing clothes but naked. Very worrying isn’t it? The basis of religion seems to have been pushed aside in order to follow current trends.

Dressing in the view of Islam is not just a reflection of our personality, but more of our identity as Muslims. Clothing does not only function as body cover or weather protection. Clothing is also not to beautify oneself, attract the opposite sex, increase self-confidence, let alone to just show off the beauty of the body. Dressing according to syar’i functions to avoid the temptations and evil of the world, to avoid the heat of hell fire, to protect from heart diseases such as riya’, takkabur, ‘ujub, love of the world and excessive position, maintaining its price and glory.

Indeed, in terms of dressing, if you are not familiar with Islamic law, you will feel hot, stifling, and complicated. However, the fire of hell will be much hotter than the heat of the world if it does not cover the aurat.

Dressing is the implementation of sharia law that has been determined by Allah SWT. By obeying the shari’ah law, it reflects a sign of obedience to Allah SWT, the Creator and Regulator of human beings. Allah SWT has given limits on how a Muslim should dress. The fashion model designed by Allah SWT has eternal nature and applies throughout the ages, wherever, whenever, and under any circumstances. So there is no need to think about what kind of trendy clothing model, the appropriate model according to the development of the era, and how the fashion style is booming. It’s all unnecessary. By using Muslim clothing, it is guaranteed to still look beautiful, confident, harmonious, and not tacky anywhere and anytime.

Then, how is the fashion model in accordance with Islamic law? 

Islam requires women to cover their genitals from the top of the head to the toes, except for the face and the palms of the hands. This has been conveyed in the words of the Prophet, “Verily a woman, when she has reached puberty (menstruating), does not deserve to be seen from her body except this and this (while pointing at her face and palms)”. (HR Abu Dawud).