Nicolas Ghesquiere's 15-Year Dream Comes True in the Latest Louis Vuitton Collection

A fashion collection that is inspired by the architecture of a historic and beautiful building doesn’t sound like anything special anymore. But, what if that inspiration has been buried for 15 years? Believe it or not, something hidden contains an intrigue. When released, there is something big there.

Fifteen years ago, Nicolas Ghesquire was still Creative Director for Balenciaga. At that time he had visited Palm Springs, a desert city in the state of California. There’s a comedian named Bob Hope’s house there. On the highlands of Palm Springs with stunning views over the valley. The area is 23,000 square meters. You can imagine the size of the room there. It was impossible not to be inspired by anyone who came.

Perhaps the inspiration should be buried by Nicolas Ghesquiere who has now served as boss of Louis Vuitton. Either because it is not suitable for Balenciaga or indeed he is waiting for a special moment to make it happen. It was only in the Resort 2016 collection that he brought out all the ideas that had crossed his mind through the 70s-style clothes. There is a Parisian and American connection there. We imagined, a Parisian woman who might be on vacation in the desert.

The eccentricity of leather blends with the bold silhouette, the occasional sequins pop to give it appeal among dozens of slightly darker collections. Makes us realize, the sequins in the middle of the valley are already very exotic. There are wide-cut pants, dozens of bomber jackets with jumpsuits accented with belts that resemble ribbon ties. Michelle Williams, Miranda Kerr, and Charlotte Gainsbourg who were in the front row seemed unable to take their eyes off the rows of models passing by on the very long runway.

A familiar female figure then appeared at the end of the demonstration. If you still remember Fernanda Ly, the pink-haired model, who also walked for Louis Vuitton exactly one season before this collection. Wearing a maxi dress made of leather with a 70s silhouette that is so obvious on the sleeves, the fashion show was closed with cheers and rapturous applause.