Paris is indeed the world’s fashion paradise. This is evidenced by the success of the Paris Fashion Week (PFW) performance which took place from 28 February to 8 March.

The clothes exhibited by well-known brands at PFW 2022 are also predicted to be a trend this year. So, what is the fashion at Paris Fashion Week that is predicted to be a trend in 2022? Reporting from the page, here we have summarized some interesting information about the 2022 fashion trends inspired by the Paris Fashion Week 2022 show. Certain fashion items have also become one of the goals that fashion lovers seem to have so they don’t go out of style with this 2022 fashion trend.

Chivalry dress with puff sleeves

The first clothing that will become the 2022 fashion trend is clothing inspired by the old knight’s clothes. In lieu of gorgeous puff and pearl sleeves, designers from Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, and Rochas presented the redux Regencycore for the Fall/Winter 2022 edition. The fashion was inspired by the domineering armor. For dresses, tops, trousers and skirts, take inspiration from knightly metal chains and plates.

Dress with beautiful curves on the sleeves

Femininity still dominates the fashion world next season. This can be seen from the collections of Dries Van Noten, Courrèges, and Rochas. Romantic curves will be signature details to look for in fall and winter, including soft draped blouses with flared sleeves and rounded shoulders or stitching on jackets and coats.

Checked clothes

As seen in the collections of designers Nanuhska, Ami, and Off-White, the checked motif is timeless. The motif is expected to bring a refresh to the Fall/Winter 2022 edition. Some of the collections range from dramatically draped robes and layered stitching in a large-scale plaid print to oversized, impeccably cut houndstooth outerwear.

Pants with baggy cut

This year, fashion from the 90s and ’00s continues to dominate. Oversized bottoms including loose-fitting jeans with unruly elements like ragged edges, patchwork, and cargo pockets are all year’s favorites.

Not only pants, oversized blazers are also a trend. To complete it, the outer corset is the key to creating the perfect style this year.

Lime color game

The bright lime green color is said to be a 2022 fashion trend. It takes courage to use this striking lime color. To apply it, you can use a lime colored dress that is combined nicely with neutral colored footwear such as white or black.

Hot orange

Another trending color is hot orange. Hot orange or bright orange colors can give a bold impression to the wearer. You can use this color for fashion items from head to toe. But if you don’t want to be the center of attention, you can use this color on your outer, blazer, vest, bag, or shoe.

Bright yellow

In 2021, the color butter or pale yellow becomes an attractive choice for many people. But in 2022, bright and flashy colors are the stars. Such as bright yellow or bright yellow which is a fashion trend in 2022. You can play with this color in your outfit, whether it’s to stand alone as a dress, mix and match clothing, or be a separate fashion statement in the shoes or bag.

Emerald green

In the last order there is a beautiful and charming emerald green color. Not everyone likes green, but emerald green is another green that will add uniqueness to your overall look. The emerald green color will give a bold impression to the wearer. So, use this color for your fashion statement! If you don’t want to be too flashy, you can add this beautiful color to the accessories of your choice.

Well, that’s the 2022 fashion trend inspired by Paris Fashion Week 2022. Of the four inspirations above, which one do you like the most?