Fashion style

Congratulations New Students 2022! It doesn’t feel like your struggle is cash already. Entering the world of lectures is hard for some people, differences in culture and habits make many new students tend to feel out of place. Especially with all the busyness we face, sometimes we forget to pay attention to ourselves. One important element that we often overlook is appearance. Yes! Outfits to campus! Of course we always want to look like the best version of ourselves.

Each college, has its own rules – each. But we all agree that the common sense of fashion deserves to be agreed upon by all. The following tips are based on the author’s experience during the world of lectures. Here are fashion essentials for students:

  1. Long Sleeve White Shirt

Not infrequently campus activities require students to wear ‘white shirts, black bottoms, and alma mater coats’. Of course, a white shirt is a ‘must’ outfit, but especially a long sleeve white shirt is a must-have for every student, because a white long sleeve shirt gives a polite, formal, and professional impression.

Don’t feel bad about saving money so you can buy a long-sleeved white shirt with good quality, because this fashion item will definitely continue to be used.

  1. White Sneakers

Who is a teenager today who doesn’t have sneakers? Sneakers are very comfortable to wear and suitable for active students to wear. White sneakers are an all time classic, quite different from black sneakers which are more like school shoes.

Just mix bright clothes with white sneakers for a fresh look, or vice versa, use dark clothes with white sneakers for a bolder appearance. White sneakers give a fresh yet clean and tidy appearance, certainly a good appearance for morning classes.

  1. Pleated Skirt

When there are more and more college assignments, we pay less attention to our outfits. This is why the pleated skirt should be an essential item for all women. Even with minimal effort, wearing a pleated skirt can greatly enhance your appearance.

Simple blouses, pleated skirts, and flat shoes already provide a neat and cool style. Or mix n’ match your favorite t-shirt (if your college allows you to use t-shirts, friends!) with a pleated skirt, and white sneakers, of course, you will have an organized appearance ready to face the day!

  1. Chino pants

Chinos are a more formal version of jeans. The shape and comfort is like wearing jeans, but the material resembles formal pants. It’s no wonder that these pants are loved by all ages, young, old, male and female.

The colors of chino pants that are popular with young people today are beige, gray, brown, or olive. It’s not difficult to combine these pants, one of the easiest looks that you can imitate is wearing a collared t-shirt, chino pants, and white sneakers. You must be really cool!

  1. Black Skirt (Length Below Knee)

Of the various models of skirts, pencil skirts or straight skirts are the easiest models to combine with various tops. The black skirt (with the length below the knee) is a must-have for all female students.

Black skirts are more often used in campus activities and lectures, and because of this, black skirts are a timeless fashion item. Usually a black skirt is combined with a batik top or shirt, but for a more casual appearance you can use your favorite sweater (adjust to campus rules, friends).

  1. Formal Trousers

Formal trousers, or what are often known as ‘material pants’ or ‘cloth pants’ are a must-have. Trousers are very easy to match with various tops, so you don’t have to buy a lot of other clothes!

Especially black pants, but other colors such as dark blue, brown, gray are also classic colors that are very suitable to be combined for campus activities. Oh yes, this thing is not limited only to men. Nowadays many colleges allow women to wear pants (even for formal events), so save up for a good pair of black trouser!

Those are some fashion items that you can consider having. Considering the world of lectures has a distinctive dress ethic. Of course, it all depends on the rules and policies of each campus. So, don’t be afraid to explore your fashion style and adjust it according to campus policies, okay?

Hopefully it can be useful for all friends, happy studying!