In order to look classy, ​​in fact you don’t need to always have to use expensive fashion items. If you do have a lot of branded clothes or accessories, congratulation. However, these three fashion items that are not always expensive can actually raise the level of your appearance to be more ‘expensive’.

White sneakers

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Wait, aren’t high heels really making women look more elegant? Yes, correct! However, a pair of clean white sneakers, perfect combined with any outfit so you will not look saltum aka wrong costume.

InStyle’s fashion feature director, Laurel Pantin, said, “White sneakers are one of the most democratic fashion items in the fashion world. You can buy it expensive or cheap, everything will look good with any clothes. “

Minimalist tote

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If you are not a fan of this type of bag, think about it again. The sleek and minimalist tote works in any situation. Wearing this bag will always make your appearance look expensive and elegant, but it is also cool and never out of date.

Laurel recommends buying a minimalist tote with a neutral color and a rather large size so you can carry it at every opportunity, from the office to the gym after office hours.

Cashmere sweater

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Regular sweaters may only look like fashion items that are used during cold weather or the rainy season. However, different from cashmere sweaters. Cashmere material will make you look up and look more expensive, whether it’s combined with favorite jeans or even a pencil skirt. “I recommend a gray or dark blue cashmere sweater that fits in with any fashion item,” Laurel said.