Thrift Shop Business

Having your own income is everyone’s dream. Likewise with millennials and also Gen-Z. Many of them are currently trying to live independently in the midst of world conditions which may be said to be not doing well due to the impact of the covid pandemic as well.

Effort after business they live to fill a lot of spare time that exists during this pandemic. Don’t want to lose your mind, sometimes the activities they do are quite creative. Starting from doing vlogs or becoming a content creator and then entering his work into social media accounts to opening a small business.

For example, the Thrift shop business which is currently mushrooming in the midst of people’s lives. This thrift shop business is predicted to be quite easy to do so that it is in great demand by millennials. The reason is to open this business, we do not need a large enough capital. So that this business is suitable for millennials and also Gen-Z, most of whom are probably still in the student body and want to try to start a business.

Starting from a capital of 1 million they can already open this thrift shop business. With this capital, they can usually get one ball or one sack in the form of clothes or other second-hand goods from suppliers. Which of course we can resell after being sorted and repackaged with neater and more attractive packaging.

As the name implies, thrift is a way of saving or avoiding waste in the use of money. Thrift shop itself is a business that sells used goods or second hand. Many second hand goods are traded in the thrift shop. Not only clothes, but all kinds of goods can be found here. Starting from shoes, bags, to household furniture.

However, it is fashion items that are currently the most in demand from various circles. Many young people now prefer to buy goods, especially clothes from this thrift. The reason is, it fits with the nature of today’s children, most of them don’t really like to wear the same clothes over and over again.

With this thrift shop, they can change clothes with various modes and of course also at pocket-friendly prices. Because this thrift business is a business that sells second-hand goods, the conditions are of course not always 100% smooth, which means that every purchase of balls the owners have to re-sort to determine which clothes are still worth selling.

However, it is not uncommon for rare items and branded items from well-known foreign brands to be obtained from there. What is certain is that these items will become the target of many consumers. In this thrift business, regardless of the type of goods and the brand, as long as the goods are in good condition, they are worthy of being traded. This business is no longer underestimated, the number of second-hand clothes enthusiasts from various circles has made this business a trend now.

There are many reasons that make this thrift item in demand by many people. Not only because the price is cheap, but in this thrift shop, you can find many branded goods that are rarely found and of course can be purchased at a lower price. With this thrift shop, we as consumers don’t have to go to the mall and spend hundreds or even millions of dollars to get branded goods.

In addition to the reasons above, the thrift business is also one of the businesses that is considered environmentally friendly. The reason is that the existence of second hand goods that are traded again will certainly be able to reduce waste from the textile industry and reduce textile waste itself.

This happens because of course there will be users of these used clothes on an ongoing basis. Along with the development of the times, of course fashion trends will also change more quickly or often also referred to as fast fashion.

For this reason, the reason for shopping for second-hand goods is considered more appropriate to reduce waste on a regular basis because of course there are not many clothes produced. The fashion industry is one of the main contributors to water pollution, plastic, and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, not only reducing waste, but the thrift shop business is also considered capable of reducing existing pollution. The reason is, the excessive use of chemicals in textile production is one of the largest microplastic contributors in the sea which of course endangers marine life.

Thrift shops were previously better known as flea markets which are already familiar to the public. Especially the current millennial and Gen-Z generations, not only providing offline stores, but many of them also open online stores that specifically provide thrif shops. Thus, consumers are facilitated simply by viewing and selecting goods from their respective smart phones. In fact, many young people have opened this business with their comrades in arms.

This business is one of the recommendations for students who want to get additional pocket money, besides being able to be done on the sidelines of school activities, this business can also be done online, which means it doesn’t require too much capital.

Only use a smart phone which of course the majority of young people already have it. It is only enough to take a photo of the second item that will be traded and then upload it to the online shop account. Then consumers will automatically come. Pretty easy isn’t it? there’s nothing wrong with trying this one business trend.