Balenciaga Sells Broken Shoes with Millions Prices

The world-renowned fashion brand, Balenciaga, has again released fashion items in the form of sneakers or shoes with unusual models. Unlike many other fashion brands, Balenciaga has shocked the world fashion industry by releasing shoes with damaged or torn models at fantastic prices and in small quantities.

The model of the damaged shoe became one of Balenciaga’s creations which was later named Paris. Reporting from Luxury Launches, it turns out that there is a special reason why Balenciaga decided to release these shoes. Check out the details!

The release of the Paris shoe is part of the Balenciaga campaign

Reporting from Luxury Launches, the release of this Paris shoe is part of the Balenciaga campaign, which carries a creative aesthetic that can be used forever. In addition, the name Paris was also given because the sneakers rely on a French aesthetic where each pair is available in a white, black and red palette with a plain fabric upper.

Judging from the official Balenciaga website, the materials for the Paris shoes are cotton and rubber and don’t forget that there is also the Balenciaga logo on the front, back and bottom. The vulcanized sole also looks dirty and worn, covered in black and gray markings that are no different from the original style. In particular, the models of the Paris shoes are mules and high tops.

Paris shoe models, sold at fantastic prices and limited edition

Reporting from the official Balenciaga website, currently the Paris shoe model has gone on sale with a pre-order system. The high top full destroyed model consists of two color choices, namely black and white. This model is sold at a price of 625 USD or the equivalent of Rp. 9 million.

Maybe not many people are confident enough with this unique model of damaged shoes from Balenciaga. For that, there is another model of this Paris sneaker variation that is more wearable, namely mules which are sold at a price of 495 USD. This Paris shoe model is also sold in small quantities, which is only 100 pairs of shoes.

This unique and eccentric work is not the first time for Balenciaga. Under the auspices of Demna as Balenciaga’s creative director, previously released a large blue bag which at that time was said to be similar to an IKEA shopping bag.

In fact, Balenciaga has also released a jacket that looks like a construction worker’s jacket, a sweater with a hole in it that is similar to used clothes that are sold at a fantastic price, which is £1083 or almost Rp. 20 million. Well, with premium raw materials and designs from top creators, it’s no wonder that these ‘broken’ shoes are expensive. From the price we just ‘buy a brand’ it’s not really cheap~