Want to Look Stylish with a Simple Outfit

Looking stylish does not mean appearing with expensive outfits from well-known brands. Because, with a simple outfit, you can also create an eye-catching stylish look. There are a number of simple ways that you can do to create a stylish look out of ordinary clothes and accessories you already have at home. With a little effort and modification, simple outfits can be transformed into a stylish look for various activities.

Launching thewelldressedlife, here are ways that you can do to look stylish even with just a mediocre outfit.

Get Rid of Old Clothes

To start looking stylish, it’s a good idea to immediately filter the contents of your closet and get rid of old clothes that you no longer want to wear. Moreover, if the old clothes are outdated both in terms of models, motifs, and colors. However, some outfits with a vintage look can be a consideration to keep. Old clothes with vintage nuances that are still in good condition can actually create a stylish and elegant old-fashioned look.

Pair with Luxury and Versatile Accessories

The key to looking stylish can be obtained by upgrading the look using outfits/accessories that look luxurious but versatile. For example, preparing a budget to buy accessories with a timeless classic look that can be mixed and matched in various types of looks. You can also use the latest model bags in neutral colors or shoes that are suitable for various activities. When combining quality accessory items, the appearance of simple outfits that are usually used everyday can look more stylish and trendy.

Look Elegant in Black

Confused about how to look stylish because you’re not good at combining clothes colors? So, a black outfit can be the right choice. This monochromatic color mix and match can be an easy way to look stylish and trendy even if you only use simple outfits at home. Black can be a mainstay because this color makes a classic chic look, both for formal events and casual activities.

Anti-Confussion Wear Neutral Color Outfit

This one method may not be practiced by everyone. However, if you tend to like classic styles, a touch of neutral color can be an option for a simple mix and match outfit. Neutral outfit colors can be more easily combined to look stylish without being confused or afraid of clashing colors.

Save enough outfits as needed

Having a lot of outfits might be able to enrich your choices when you want to look stylish. However, sometimes most outfits actually make it more difficult and confused in determining a stylish everyday look. Store enough outfits as needed neatly in the closet, for example, neatly stacking types of shirts, hanging 1-2 sweaters that can be combined with various other outfits, or storing pants with various materials as needed. If you can tidy it all up, you will find it easier to determine a stylish look when you need it later.

Selection of Clothing Models and Colors

Wearing clothes in soft and neutral colors or dark colors is the key to getting an elegant look. Avoid clothes with bright colors such as flamming red, purple, green or neon colors that look too colorful. In addition to color, choose clothes with simple and plain models. Sometimes clothes that are patterned will be easily worn out and can give the impression of being cheap. Sequins, beads, embroidery, and small trinkets can reduce the classic effect of an outfit. Bustling motifs, patterns, and patterns will make the overall appearance look overwhelming. In contrast to neutral and monochrome colors with minimalist motifs that have a more elegant impression.

Take advantage of accessories

Classy appearance is supported by the right accessories. Your ability to ‘mix and match’ clothes and accessories will really help. Jewelry with a simple design combined with plain clothes can create a luxurious impression. In addition to jewelry and other accessories, bags can also really create a classy impression. A quality handbag with a classic design, is always a must-have investment. Choose a handbag with a neutral color made of leather so that it can be used for the office or for a walk on the weekends.

Those are 5 simple ways to create a stylish look from ordinary outfits.