Wearing Tacky Orange? It's okay! This is Fashion Inspiration for you!

You might think twice if you are told to wear orange clothes. The reason is worrying that it doesn’t fit, or looks too flashy. Actually wearing orange clothes can look cool. The key is knowing how to blend it. If we dare to wear it, the appearance can look energetic and fresh. Not only suitable for use when the weather is sunny, orange clothes are also suitable for use during the rainy season, so they can raise the mood.

Yep, that’s right! In essence, to be able to look cool with orange clothes, we must be good at combining it with various other fashion items. Here are some ways you can try.


Pair it with other neutral colored clothes

This is indeed the easiest way, yes. Neutral colors are always suitable combined with any color. By combining bright orange clothes with other clothes or accessories that are neutral in color, your appearance will not seem to stand out from each other. We can combine it with black, white, or nude colors. For example, if you want to go to the office with an orange blouse, combine it with nude accessories such as a beige bag and milk chocolate flat shoes. That way, the orange blouse that is used will look calmer and our appearance will look clean, calm but still cheerful.

Pair it with blue clothes or accessories

Orange color is very suitable combined with blue. For example, an orange semi-formal dress combined with blue high-heeled shoes. However, so as not to seem excessive, choose a dark blue color.

Besides blue, mix orange with purple

The combination of orange and purple is indeed a contrast, but looks attractive and fashionable. To make it sweeter and not overly impressed, add another touch of a neutral color. For example, if you’re wearing an orange skirt with a purple blouse, wear white shoes.


Brown color is also suitable to be combined with orange color

The bright and strong orange color is harmonious when paired with brown. Try wearing an orange top with brown trousers, the result is a cool and harmonious appearance. You can also add accessories such as a brown necklace or bracelet with a bright orange dress.

Monochrome display will feel more colorful with a touch of orange

You can also choose to wear a black and white or gray and white top, then complete it with an orange cardigan jacket. This style of display will provide a balanced mix and pleasing to the eye.


Pair it with floral clothes

Not only playing solidly on color, orange can also be combined with patterned clothes, such as floral motifs. For example, if you are going to wear an orange casual dress, then you can cover it with a cardigan jacket with a small floral motif. This appearance is suitable for use to casual events.

Pair it with a leather jacket

The combination of an orange top with a leather jacket will create a masculine impression but still be fashionable. Wear a white shirt and layer it with a leather jacket. For subordinates, wear an orange skirt.


Pair it with denim

Clothing made from denim is suitable to be combined with just about anything. If the top used is orange, we can combine it with jeans or a denim skirt. The appearance will look fresh and give a more casual impression.

Pair with gold or silver accessories

Gold or silver colored accessories are often chosen by people to accompany orange clothes. This type of orange dress is suitable to be combined with gold or silver accessories. The appearance will look glamorous and elegant.


Apply a simple and natural makeup style

Because the orange color is already bright, simple and natural makeup will balance it. That way we will look beautiful and attractive, without giving the impression of excessive makeup. Well, good luck, girls!