Intip 8 Ide OOTD Bergaya Vintage nan Modis Ini, Kasual hingga Classy

Vintage Fashion refers to clothing that was made in another period, particularly that dates back at least 20 years from today, but in the 20th century. The word Vintage means ‘being of an earlier time’. Vintage clothing is an article of used clothing that is highly valued today, because of its uniqueness, style, and timelessness.

True vintage clothes are clothes designed by famous designers of yore. They are exclusive and very expensive. Vintage clothing can also be handmade or factory-made. It can be used or new. You can get real vintage accessories to match your clothing in shops that specialize in them. However, it’s best to read reviews about US stores related to 80s fashion accessories before buying from them. This will allow you to choose one that fits your exact style.

Retro Fashion

Fashion is cyclical and many fashions of yesteryears are revived and stylized to suit the modern taste but this is not Vintage Fashion. It may have vintage fashion elements but is made to suit the modern sense of style.

Some clothes are made to look like the clothing of the past. They are made as replicas of vintage clothing. Fashion trends of the respective periods are copied and worn, with the same elan as then. This is ‘vintage-inspired fashion‘. Another term used for Vintage Inspired fashion is Retro Fashion.

Clothing from the 19th century is called ‘Antique’, not vintage. To be exact, clothing made 100 years and over is classified as antique.

Examples Of 80s Vintage Fashion Styles

Vintage clothing can easily set you apart in any crowd, event, or party. The ultimate secret to vintage style is the careful and delicate balance between the vintage and the modern. To give you a clearer picture of how to dress vintage while avoiding standing out like a sore thumb, here are several vintage fashion examples where you can base your vintage attire, as compiled by US-Reviews.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads may very well be the most decade-defining of the top 10 80s fashion fads. Maybe it had something to do with women’s lib and the assertion of power that women were beginning to have in the workplace?

Mini Skirts

The shorter the better. Denim was the most popular, but miniskirts were made in many other materials including knit and leather. These were often paired with leggings. This particular look has made a big comeback recently. The only people not wearing miniskirts in the 80s were men and elderly women.

Huge Earrings

You know how cute Christmas ornaments look on a tree? During the 80s we thought the same would apply to our ears. Huge earrings from various costume jewelry collections were all the rage and if your earrings didn’t touch your shoulder, they weren’t big enough.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves were another odd 80s fashion fad, and it seems to be coming back into style. From romance enthusiasts to punk-rock fans, fingerless gloves were popular with quite a variety of 80s genres. The fingerless gloves are forever interconnected with Madonna’s look in the mid-80s in her boy toy phase.

Parachute Pants

Oh yes, and then there were parachute pants. They started off skin tight and ended up baggier than a potato sack. Parachute pants may very well be the one piece of clothing that sums up the ridiculousness of the top 10 80s fashion fads. But, at the time, they felt so cool. They were the perfect thing to wear to the skating rink, and they were worn equally by guys and girls.

Stretch-Stirrup Pants

The stirrup pants version of this particular fad had to be the worst. Presumably, the idea of fashion and being in fashion is to look as good as possible. These pants made NO ONE look good. They created a triangle-leg effect that made even the thinnest person look big.