Yasmin Sewell, Fashion Consultant Who Helped Popularize Many Famous Brands

Yasmin Sewell is actually one of the behind-the-scenes figures in the fashion industry who is finally known to the general public, thanks to the development of social media and digital technology. Amazingly, Yasmin is increasingly recognized not only for her ability to find new designers who will become stars in the industry, but she also has a personal style that makes millions of other women in the world jealous of her.

The cycle is sometimes reversed. At first, some people only knew Yasmin as one of the women who diligently attended fashion week, always being photographed by street style photographers from one fashion week to another. However, when we dig deeper, Yasmin is one of the ‘players’ and taste makers in the industry.

Several fashion designers and brands that he ‘found’ and supported from the beginning, until later becoming big and fresh players, including J.W. Anderson, Christopher Kane, and Rick Owens. This member of the British Fashion Council for the New Gen Committee believes that a good fashion brand is one that is able to see the fashion movement, the women who wear it, and in its design there are no references from any fashion designer. They must be truly unique.

What we also like about Yasmin is her classic style, not too glamorous, but still polished. She didn’t like shoes that were too glamorous. He likes designer sweatshirts that have a strong statement (which can be matched and matched with anything). Even though she looks very feminine, Yasmin actually likes the tomboyish style of dress. He often wears a fairly masculine blazer, boyfriend jeans, or pants with a wide bottom.

Some of her favorite fashion brands include Celine, Acne, Derek Lam, Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler. Even though she lives in London, with her husband who also works in the fashion sector, now the fashion consulting services provided by Yasmin are expanding to New York and other parts of the world (to Asia and even Africa). Of course, everyone wants to know the right way to grow their fashion business.

With her signature curly hair, feminine style that meets masculine, dark skin due to her Lebanese roots, and chic elegant demeanor, you can’t miss Yasmin Sewell.